New KNX–DALI gateway in the Ingenium catalogue

Ingenium presents a new KNX-DALI gateway to control DALI lights from KNX BUS.

This new device uses just one KNX physical address to control up to 64 individual DALI lights and up to 16 DALI groups, including an integrated power supply for them. It allows controlling DALI standard ballasts or DALI emergencies (with extended parameters).

It is possible to control configured DALI lights or groups through other KNX devices like touch panels, pushbuttons, etc. For each DALI light, this gateway has available the most common functions of dimming, switching, setting brightness values, light scenes and also feedbacks of DALI errors. There are some extra functions for DALI emergencies as status check and alarms, battery percentage, functional tests, etc.

It is possible to proceed to DALI addressing or commissioning functions in different ways as off-line and on-line modes. On-line test has functionalities for individual light localization and check.

This device is already available to order [ Ref. GW611100 ]
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