New BUSing® WEB Servers

Ingenium has added two new devices to its range of web servers to control BUSing® installations.

The first is an evolution of the ETHBUS for BUSing® installations with possibility of network connection, the second is the GSMdata for BUSing® installations without network connection, which offers autonomy communications through GPRS connection via SIM card.

The Ingenium ETHBUS web server in its 3rd version (Ref. ETHBUS3) is one of the innovations that Ingenium has added to its catalog. Highlights over its predecessor are a WiFi connectivity, more number of simultaneous connections allowed, faster connections, and files managing and upgradeability via TCP/IP to the latest version of software available.

The second new reference is the GSMdata, which allows the control of the installation via GPRS. This device requires a SIM card with data rate contracted to provide management BUSing® components remotely. This new reference avoids the needing of contract a DSL line to communicate with the installation.

Both devices offer the possibility of controlling the installation and displays the status of the devices installed by icons on color 3D drawings or photos.