Ingenium presents the new range of dimmers for LED lighting

Part of its constant investment in R&D, Ingenium continues the evolution of its product catalog issuing  three new devices for the regulation of LED lighting.

These proportional actuators are specifically designed for the control and regulation of LED lighting, avoiding the problems of flashes or other inconsistencies that are generated when trying to regulate this type of lighting.

Two of these three new devices  have a single LED channel control for a maximum load of 500W and 1000W respectively. The third one have two control channels 400W max each. In addition to the regulated outputs, all of them have inputs for connecting conventional buttons that allow user to control the regulation channels.

New devices will be available for BUSing® catalog and for KNX catalog with the following references:

· 1 Channel 500W – RBLED500
· 1 Channel 1000W – RBLED1000
· 2 Channels 400W each – RBLED2S400
· 1 Channel 500W – RKLED500
· 1 Channel 1000W – RKLED1000
· 2 Channels 400W each – RKLED2x400

With this release, Ingenium aims to solve a widespread problem in the lighting control market as the regulation of LED luminaires is and the problems they create.

These devices are available to order from September.