Exporting with IDEPA

In his international market growth, Ingenium continues to count on support by IDEPA and the FEDER founds.

It has been granted, as in previous years, Subsidy for International Development, which allows our company to grow every year on the market by performing multiple research trips. Some of the destinations made last year were Sweden, Iran or Qatar, and attending trade fairs as well as exhibitor and visitor at Light&Building (Germany), Matelec (Madrid), The Big Five (Dubai) or Interlight Moscow L&B (Moscow).

These trips also allow Ingenium to continue the strategy of international expansion that has marked, searching for new potential markets and / or distributors, to continue to train installers worldwide, onsite technical assistance…

To help us in our international expansion, IDEPA (Economic Development Agency of the Principality of Asturias), has granted funds to Ingenium as part of a regional programme to support SMEs in the way of export.